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Dans SK8er Site
Tips and Tricks of the trade

Here is a list of tricks
and how to do some of them


ollie flip
frontside 180 ollie
backside 180 ollie
backside noseslide
frontside 50-50
backside 50-50
frontside half cab (fakie 180 ollie)
fakie ollie
frontside pop shove-it
pop shove-it
nollie flip
ollie manual
nollie manual
frontside tailslide
360 flip
nose manual
frontside boardslide


pumping on a ramp
frontside kickturn
drop in
axel stall
axel drop in
fakie rock

How to do some of the featured tricks

OLLIE-step1:I suggest you learn an ollie when your not moving.
step2:place your front foot about in the middle of the board. Place your back foot on the tail, but have your toes in thr middle of the tail and the restof the foot hanging of the board. Keep your knees bent the entire time.
step3:heres the tricky part;slam down on the tail of the board,jump, and slide your front foot up to the nose all at the same time. Sliding your foot levels out the board.When your foot reaches the front screws, move your foot back to its original position. This is when you should balance in mid-air.step4:Land on the ground with your knees bent so you can keep your balance. step5: When you are compfortable with non moving ollies, try it at a medium speed.

KICKFLIP-This kinda hard to explain so bare with me.step1:Position your feet as if you were doing a ollie,except point your front foot slightly towards the nose, and move your foot forward a little bit.step2:Do an ollie, and then almost immediatly after smacking the tail, kick your front foot out towards the nose and bring your front foot back a little.You should now be in the mid-air with the board flipping.step3:Be patient and let the board fully rotate.You must catch the board with your back foot, theres no easy way around this.step4:Land like you would an ollie, knees bent, and roll away. I suggest that before you try a kickflip moving, try it on a soft surface so the wheels wont roll.

VARIAL-This trick is hard to explain, so if you can't understant it than try a different trick.step1:Position your feet as if you were doing a ollie.step2:Pop an ollie, and about when your almost mid-air, spin the board 180 degrees with your back foot. Just push down on the tail and turn your board. Thistakes lots of practice.Also, remember to only 180.step3:Land like you would an ollie, and roll away.

50-50 GRIND-step1:Find a curb,rail,bench,etc. then wax it dow for best resaults.step2:Ride up a medium speed and a slight angle.